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SoCoRock + Live Musicians Co-op = Your First Virtual Venue

Get ready bands and artists in and around Santa Rosa, California – SoCoRock.com and Live Musicians Co-op are teaming up to give you a unique opportunity.

Soon you will be able to pay a modest price to not only play at one of the best rehearsal studios in California, but to have your set streamed online! That’s right – when you book a rehearsal room at the Co-op (they have fantastic rates, BTW), you can promote the date + time on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, even in person (gasp!), whatever your fancy.. to let your fans know that they will be able to tap into your studio on the Internet, live, and listen to you rock the house in.

Come back to SoCoRock.com and Live Musicians Co-op to stay updated on this exciting new offer to the Sonoma County live music scene. Also, drop by the Co-op sometime and ask them about their building expansion, which are pretty damn exciting as well – talks of a live stage, lounge area and more recording/rehearsal rooms are rumored to be amongst the new offers that LMC are unleashing amongst the scene.