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VIDEO: From The Hillside To The Highway (Webisode 2): “Designed 4 This”

Check out our very own beloved Petaluma based rock stars, Hillside Fire in their latest video webisode, “Designed 4 This”. This is a great look at the band, their thoughts on being in Hillside and just plain being dedicated, passionate musicians. Very much worth the six minutes you would normally be spending refreshing your Facebook profile. 😉

VIDEO: Hillside Fire: From the Hillside to the Highway – “Walk Away”

Hillside Fire is an absolutely amazing band from Petaluma who is causing big waves in Sonoma County and abroad. Their webisode, entitled “Walk Away”, is a snapshot of what they are set out to do with themselves, the music they create, and the world. SoCoRock is following you closely, HSF – keep rocking!