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SoCoRock Interview: Shadow and Substance – June, 2013

Shadow and SubstanceHey kids, it’s time for another SoCoRock interview! Amanda sat down and had a nice, long chat with Gigi O.D. and Davis from the zombie punk band formerly known as Eat the Undead. They’ve changed their name to Shadow and Substance, and they’re here to tell you all about their musical influences, Gigi’s drunk aunt, their motivation to get up every day and create music, the Russian who bought their EP, and the time Gigi made $20 outside The Phoenix for pretending to be a pivotal local punk band member’s long lost daughter. And a whole lot more…so click that little Play button below and prepare to indulge in some bloody, hairy, smelly, intestine-filled Sonoma County punk scene braaaaiiinnns!

VIDEO: Simoom – Cutting Seams

Check out metal maniacs Simoom in their music video “Cutting Seams” – it has been nominated for BEST MUSIC VIDEO at Action On Film Festival and will screen August 21 in Monrovia, Ca!

Video: Our Vinyl Vows: “A New Hope”

Our Vinyl Vows just released their new video, “A New Hope” this morning at 12:00am. It’s a love story….with zombies. ‘Nuff said!