We NEED Music

Sonic Binder
Now more than ever, the world needs music. It needs creation of new music by many different people, no matter how extraordinary or ordinary. It needs the sharing of music between people. It needs to battle the horrible things that happen every day such as war and terrorism and unnecessary death and hurt of all kinds. Music binds us – it is a conduit for human compassion. It brings us together on a fundamental, primal level. It syncs us. For Paris, go make some music today.

4 Responses to We NEED Music

  1. Rene Pinto says:

    Watch “Dreadnought – Soakin ( Official Music Video)” on YouTube

  2. Rene Pinto says:

    Watch “dreadnought live at Slim’s Sept 6th- PM” on YouTube

  3. Rene Pinto says:

    Watch “let me in Acoustic” on YouTube

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